24Option vs Cedar Finance – My Thoughts about Binary Options Platforms

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nesd3000 says:

What do you think of “Optionbit”…. Scam or real? By the way I’m very new to trading :)

TryingToHelpYouOut says:

Dont put your money in it.

TryingToHelpYouOut says:

This is a scam.

TryingToHelpYouOut says:

Dont trade with these companies.

TryingToHelpYouOut says:

Hes a paid affiliate. Scam. 4 years of trading but only one video on it for YouTube. Scam. 24 options isn’t regulated. Scam. Say there in Cyprus, website is based out of Arizona. Look up IP address. Do your research people. Here to help people out and not get fooled for scams and people looking to take your credit card.

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